The Best Gun Cleaning Oils and Lubricant Spray – Reviews

Maintain a dirt free and functional gun, it is of utmost importance that you routinely clean and oils your gun in order to avoid the damages that result from frictions. Applying a high quality cleaning lube or lubricant spray would ensure that the internal mechanism of your firearm works effectively at all times, that is why Investing in a gun cleaning solvent is a worthwhile investment for every gun owner. Here are a few of the best gun cleaning lubes and gun cleaner lubricant sprays that can enhance the performance and efficiency of your gun.

Ballistol Aerosol

This is obviously one of the most effective gun cleaner sprays. It has long been utilized by lots of people for many years. This best all in one gun cleaner was first manufactured for the German Military over a hundred years ago by Ballistol a German scientist. He worked tirelessly to create a worldwide cleaning formula for all weapons.

Those who use this formulation claim that it is the finest gun cleaner. Most people do not only use this formulation for their guns but also for cleaning their knives, packs, engines, wheels and so on. It’s non-toxic and comes with a powerful earthy smell that is quite pleasing.

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Lucas Gun Oil

This gun oil is a widely used option for a lot of hunters owing to the fact that it’s odorless. It was manufactured to prevent jamming as well as over-heating in huge high caliber rifles and also machine guns. All that is required is a few drops on the bolt of the pistol or rifle and you’re all set. Similar to most CLPs you don’t require a whole lot just a small bottle would last quite some time.

This is an incredibly low-priced option for every gun owner. Keep in mind that this is not a CLP and should preferably be used for lubricating the guns and firearms as soon as you are done applying the CLP to clean. It works like a lubricant and shields; hence a well known option is to apply the Hoppe’s for cleaning and the Lucas Oil for the second cleaning.

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Hoppes 9 Gun Cleaner

This one is considered the most widely used remover of powder, lead, metallic fouling as well as rust. The company has been producing bore cleaning solvent for more than a hundred years, so they basically have this right down to a science.Lots of people love using this alongside a CLP to clean up their guns. Others only work with this solvent, in place of a CLP and discover it works equally well.

Hoppe’s is one of the best oil to clean guns and has been used for over one hundred years. One awesome thing about this cleaner is the smell. It’s possibly one of the best smelling oils of all the cleaning solvents.

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CLP by Sage & Braker

CLP is short for Clean, Lube, and Protect and that’s exactly what this Sage & Barker solvent does. Most people are passionate about this solvent and use it on a consistent basis. This solvent cleanses like nothing and smells good. What takes you ten minutes with other solvents, can take half the time using this CLP.It works perfectly with bore snakes as well as on brushes for a complete clean. If your guns are known for attracting dirt and dust this solvent is a wonder worker. It puts a stop to dust and as well cleans and lubes in just one pass.


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