Best Holster for Ruger LCR – Reviews 2021

The Ruger LCR is an innovative and superb self-defense revolver. It’s simple to shoot and comes with a smooth trigger plus controllable recoil. Considering that the LCR is such a reliable self-defense gun and light in weight, you will unquestionably find yourself thinking about the ideal holster for this firearm. A high-quality holster ought to be comfortable, long-lasting, and guarantee maximum protection with impressive functionality for as long as you own it. Here are some of the best holsters for Ruger LCR.

Fobus Standard Holster

The Fobus standard polymer holsters will provide you with a faultless and convenient means to move with your Ruger LCR. It is entirely manufactured from Kydex and comes with a paddle. It is also light in weight and makes use of a passive retention system. This revolutionary holster helps greatly with concealment of your firearm, plus it can be positioned as close to your body as possible.

The Ruger LCR itself is a lightweight polymer frame revolver. Hence the fobus polymer holster is a wonderful match for this firearm. This holster essentially does not require repairs and maintenance. The polymer material could be washed with laundry detergent and water. It doesn’t need specific cleaners or upkeep tasks. The holster is strengthened with steel, but only in the most important areas. This maintains the weight and makes it a relatively inexpensive gear.

The Fobus holster is extremely comfortable for daily wear and is compatible with practically any contemporary clothing. Only a few instances could make this a challenging holster to work with. The ingenuous qualities of the Fobus polymer holster make it have little or no failure issues. This is one of the most impressive holsters for Ruger LCR revolvers in the market today.

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Galco Speed Paddle Holster for Ruger LCR

This holster is manufactured from polished black premium quality saddle leather that perfectly matches with the firearm. The stitching is incredibly useful, and it seems like the holster can take a pounding without blemish. The leather always appears excellent for the feel. It can withstand humidity as well as airborne dirt and dust.

Galco Speed Paddle Holster shields the trigger completely, so you don’t need to bother about an accidental shot.  It comes with a tension screw in the side and a distinct belt lock paddle that allows you to take out the holster without taking out the belt.

Galco is exceptionally thick and fits safely and firmly. However, you might encounter slight difficulty with the balance but not in all cases.

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Cardini Leather inside the Waistband Holster

This holster offers a very comfortable and safeguarded way of concealed carry. The holster is popular for both concealment and safety with an assortment of features that rivals many holsters.

The two-bit construction makes it possible for the holster to adapt to your body without difficulty. The surface leather piece sets apart your firearm from making close contact with your body. The Comfortable suede in the inner surface of the holster safeguards your firearm. This holster is specifically designed to improve grip and safety. Additionally, the limited lifetime warranty ensures you are buying a high-quality product that would stand the test of time.

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Relentless Tactical Ultimate Suede Holster

Handcrafted one at a time by American’s finest craftsman, this Suede holster is manufactured with an eye for detail. Made from authentic suede leather, it offers soft and luxurious contact. The steel belt clip provides the most reliable and most durable attachment you can ever imagine.

This holster comes with a lifetime warranty, which gives you a sense of security and assurance that the product is of exceptional quality. The holster is light in weight and simple to carry and easily accessible. Also, this holster can go together with a great number of firearm models.

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