Best AR 15 Cleaning Kits – Review 2021

The AR-15 has completely swapped out the esteemed and obsolete Winchester lever-action as one of America’s most preferred rifles. With an incredible number of this firearm in the hands of thousands of law-abiding gun owners, most are left searching for the top brands and most effective cleaning kit to maintain their rifles and keep them in premium working conditions.

 Needless to say, for something as necessary as a cleaning kit, there are great selections in the market and a higher chance of uncertainty about the best for your AR 15. Starting from the superior quality Otis AR-15 cleaning kit to the low-priced bore snakes, there is always something for you.

The AR 15 is a professional’s firearm, and to function to minimum standards, it requires consistent upkeep and servicing. Hence, an appropriate cleaning kit must be portable and convenient to carry for field tasks.

Here are a few of the best AR 15 cleaning kits.

Otis Modern Sporting Rifle Cleaning System

The Otis system is a portable and innovative cleaning kit that could be conveniently carried in the compartments of your package pants or effortlessly stowed in a compact pack.

Most gun owners understand that cleaning rods, if not properly handled, could have adverse effects on muzzles and also wreck bores. Still, the Otis has found a solution to this awful challenges through the use of a flexible rubber wrapped cable with brass fixtures. Gently attach the preferred brushes or jags to the Otis cable to clean your bore practically as only as with a conventional cleaning rod.

Additionally, this kit features the right range of brushes to clean your bore completely and inner compartment, a bolt carrier cleaning tool, as well as a means to light up the bore. This comprehensive kit bundles in a sleek zippered bag, which makes it the best M4 or M16 cleaning kit in military circles.

Despite all these outstanding qualities, the cleaning kit is not perfect. The MSR system comes with a small number of defects. The most obvious is the polymer wrapped cable. At some point, this coating breaks and wears, though this isn’t considerably different than how a jointed cleaning rod fades after a while.

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Gunmaster AR Cleaning Kit

The Gunmaster AR Cleaning Kit is a carefully planned pair of AR-15 cleaning gear. You’ll get the classic brass rod, a bore mop, jags and pick, chamber, and bore brush. It additionally comes with a collection of standard screwdriver pieces and handles to take care of necessary scopes and adds on. Since most guns seem to have a hardware store hanging off their guns these days and making use of several bits to maintain them all. A couple of bits and a screwdriver is extremely important with any AR-15 cleaning kit.

Although it is not a complete kit, it is an essential pair of hardware designed to help you clean and keep up your AR without spending a ridiculous amount.

 These Reasonably priced brass rods don’t have a lengthier life when compared with other rods. However, they will offer you a great deal of quality services and are unlikely to affect your bore when inappropriately used.

Nevertheless, this kit is going to work as the basis for putting together a complete kit or simply a source of spare parts. One great feature of this kit is that it gives most of the extras expected in a cleaning kit.

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Skyline Center cleaning kit

The Skyline Center cleaning kit is obviously for those who want to go big. This comprehensive kit for the AR 15 rifles is not as portable as most of the AR 15 cleaning kits. However, it is modest enough to fit into a pack easily.

 It is made up of a wide selection of uncommon gears and extras to thoroughly clean and care for your AR 15 rifles. The package has four cleaning rods with a single T handle alternative. The kit at the same time features a number of different bore brushes, including brushes for pistols as well as a 12 gauge bore brush. In total, it comes with five distinct bore brushes. The kit is loaded into a plastic case and comes with both lubricant and cleaner for AR.


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PS Products AR-15 / M16 Cleaning Kit

Any time you’re on the lookout for a simple- but effective- kit for the maintenance of your Ar 15 rifle, this Cleaning Kit is your perfect product. Manufactured in the United States, this kit is designed for both Ar and M16 models.

It’s a military-style cleaning unit that offers you an extensive selection of cleaning equipment to protect your rifle all the time.

The full package comes with stainless steel chamber brush, G.I style cleaning toothbrush, bronze bore brush, and 6-piece cleaning rod. It also features a little plastic bottle that allows you to put oil or solvent. These basic kinds of stuff are loaded in a portable nylon pouch and not bulky. The case additionally provides two chambers where you can put your cleaning gear for easy accessibility. The Velcro and closures guarantee that your accessories stay safe inside the case.

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Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

The Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit from Hoppe’s is a unique Gun Cleaning Kit that gives you a good deal about cleaning your rifle.

It’s a perfect universal cleaning kit that provides a variety of cleaning gear that practically clean not just your Ar rifle but virtually any caliber firearm.

The kit features a three-piece universal cleaning rod designed to work effectively with your Ar, or pistol it has a shotguns bronze brush also as well as five swabs, four slotted ends and rifle to shotgun adaptor brass. You’ll find solutions to take care of your gun to a maximum working standard.

Most importantly, the kit includes a sturdy metal case in which you can close with clasps to have your cleaning equipment protected in the course of storage. The carry case additionally makes it handy to carry the package to the fields.


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Gun cleaning kits by Sage & Braker

A good number of people fully understand the typical bore snake, which incorporates a pull cord, brush, and cleaning rope. To put it to use, you’ll have to thread the pull cord down the firearm barrel and take out the complete set up through the bore. But this kit provides you with a completely new solution to keep your rifle thoroughly clean. You can now get rid of your rods, brushes, and patches. You’ll only require one swipe to make your firearm bore shine again.

Incomparable in the level of quality and design, this cleaning kit is innovative when it comes to protecting your gun(s). It’s made in such a manner that one could conveniently unscrew the rope from the brush. In doing so, it is possible to carry out a heavy-duty cleaning on the whole dirty bore through the use of just the brush. Reassembling your kit is as well easy.

This innovative kit is equipped with a durable canvas case, which makes it possible for convenient transportation. And it also protects from adverse effects that could occur when not in use.


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