AK Magazine Release Lever

While there are a number of methods used for the purpose of securing the magazine in the AK, none of them appeared to securely accommodate the wide variety of AK magazines in the marketplace. Challenges to consistently having a snug fit for your magazine across a variety of AK models from different countries & factories include:

The position of the magazine lug varies between manufacturers.The shape of the magazine lug can vary.Common latch release mechanisms tend to be sharp on their single point of contact which can wear on the magazine lug itself creating irregularities

Lack of guide stops

All this creates a situation where some magazines wobble from side-to-side in the magazine opening.
M + M, Inc. designed a solution to the AK magazine wobble that provides an easy fix at low cost.

This is achieved by:

Incorporating a flat surface many times larger than the single edge contact point of the previous designs.

Angling the flat surface so that the leading edge is shorter than the old designs and will accommodate magazines with lugs in slightly differing positions.

The existing latch/release mechanism on AK rifles is typically riveted in place at the factory. Many AK owners do not have riveting tools. The rivet serves not only to retain the latch/release lever mechanism in place, but also as it’s pivot point.

Replacing the old latch/release mechanism is as simple as removing the old rivet and putting the new Magazine Release Lever (MRL) in place. Where the old lever was riveted to the trigger guard, a pin and “E” clip serve as the new hinge and secures the MRL in place.

What if my MRL doesn’t seem to fit my particular rifle? Should I alter it to fit?
AK rifles are not very standard across all models, in comparison to many other rifles. Some rifles function and appear similar to an AK-47/AKM but use magazines that seem similar in appearance to the ones used in the AK-47 but DO NOT interchange with standard issue Military Specification (Mil-Spec) magazines, the MRL is NOT intended for use with these firearms. In some cases, minor alterations can make a part fit. You do these alterations at your own risk. If a part is damaged, or the finish is marred due to machining, filing, or other measures taken to make adjustments, we cannot accept that part as a return for a refund.
 Our recommendation is, work with your professional gunsmith before altering parts, or alter them with the understanding that if you are unsatisfied with the results, you still own that part. Otherwise, examine your rifle carefully before attempting installation, and be as sure as you can be that the part will fit the intended application.

“This product is for use on AK-47 rifles and their variants that use standard Mil-Spec AK-47 magazines. AK rifles have been manufactured since the 1950’s in various models, configurations and by various manufacturers worldwide.
No guarantee is either expressed or implied that the MRL Kit will work with every single AK rifle.”

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