Best Gun Cleaning Box

Most people don’t like the gun cleaning box that comes with their cleaning kit and usually opt to upgrade it. By far the biggest complaint is about the poor quality of the carrying case. Most gun cleaning kits can’t afford to include a high-quality gun cleaning case AND give you high-quality brushes.

Most kits also don’t have enough room in them for adding other important tools like cleaning rods, CLP, and anything else you might need. People generally complain that their carrying case is too big or too small.

Well, we wanted to try and include a variety of different sizes on this list and the kits are the size they need to be to store all of your cleaning supplies. We spent a lot of time looking online for gun cleaning cases and here’s what we were able to find.

MTM Tactical Range Box

This just might be the best-designed gun cleaning box out there. Designed by MTM, who’s known for making some of the highest quality ammo cases.

There’s a section and container for everything you could possibly need to clean your guns. To top it off there are several gun holder pieces that you can pop into the sides to hold your gun while cleaning it.This box is designed for serious shooters that need a high quality gun cleaning storage box. If you do a lot of shooting, then you do a lot of cleaning and having an amazing cleaning box can make your gun cleaning experience a lot easier and more enjoyable.

MTM Shooting Range Box – Buy From Amazon

Plano Shooters Case

This Plano case is designed for gun cleaning kits and is a bit smaller than the larger cleaning boxes we previously reviewed. The case measures 15” x 6” x 9” and is the size of a standard fishing tackle box, maybe a little bit taller.

It comes with two lift out trays, with the top tray for your tools and gun cleaning oils and a larger bottom tray for more cleaning supplies and shooting equipment.

For the price this is one of the best gun cleaning cases out there. It also includes two fork mounts for holding your rifle or shotgun while cleaning it.

It’s not designed to be waterproof but in the reviews they say that it does well enough in fork mounts for holding your rifle or shotgun while cleaning it.

Plano Shooters Case – Buy From Amazon

Plano Water Resistant

We wanted to find a gun cleaning storage box that is waterproof and you can simply store you cleaning supplies in their a long time without worrying.

Many people have complained about their gun cleaning kits not being waterproof and getting all sorts of stuff inside it. A lot of cases are hard to clean and it can be a pain to do so.

The Plano water resistant gun cleaning storage box is a perfect option and is very inexpensive at under $20.

It’s not really designed to be a gun cleaning box but it looks good and Plano is known for making some really high quality boxes.