Best Shotgun Cleaning Kits – Review

If you are a keen hunter you indisputably understand the need to always keep your firearm in top pyramid performance. Since your shotgun is among the top gear you hold, it is best to keep both the exterior and inner features totally free of dirt and moisture.

 The latest guns and firearms are designed to survive quite a little deterioration but it doesn’t in anyway suggest that they should take care of themselves. Fouling linked to copper, carbon, plastic and lead are generally found inside the gun. The Carbon is produced by the gunpowder that forces the ammunition from the chamber. Lead residues also pile in the barrel on account of the copper as well as plastic residue from the wads of the shells.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a shotgun cleaning kits, they come in different styles and forms and can be challenging if you are not conversant with the essential accessories. In this post, you’ll find the numerous cleaning kits to help guarantee the reliability and accurateness as well as durability of your shotgun.

Hoppe’s No. 9 – Shotgun Cleaning Kit

With over a century in the firearm care business the hoppe’s brand has just what it takes to create a great shotgun cleaning kit, no wonder, hunters and shooters as well as those on the lookout for the most effective cleaning gear regularly resort to Hoppe’s for their gear. The hoppe’s kits is not only perfect for maintenance of your firearms but is specially formulated for your need.

When using the hoppe’s cleaning kit you just need a great amount of gun cleaning solvent to immerse your barrel so it becomes easy to thoroughly clean your shotgun in 4 simple steps:

Tornado Brush: At the outset, you’ll need to hooks up the tornado brush to the cleaning rod and thoroughly clean the interior of your barrel for a number of times.

Bronze Brush: Immerse your barrel once more into your preferred CLP. Make use of the bronze brush to clean the interior of the gun like the procedure with the tornado brush.

Cleaning Swab: Again Apply CLP on the gun and use the swab brush in an exact way you previously used the other brushes and you are done. Repeat this process until the swab comes out white.

Cleaning Jag: The final procedure is not necessary however if you are looking to thoroughly tidy your shotgun use the jag. The cleaning jag is a bit expensive but worth the purchase. You put a cotton patch on the tip of the jag and repeatedly clean your gun. There are numerous jag sizes to select from, hence ensure you choose the appropriate size.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Rod, Shotgun – Buy from Amazon


BOOSTEADY – 12 Gauge And 20 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit

The 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotgun cleaning kit is equipped with a bore brush manufactured to perfectly fit your barrel. The key feature to any cleaning kit besides the brush is the cleaning rod. A large number of kits come packed with a fantastic brush but a dysfunctional or dreadful rod. This kit manages that problem with premium quality brass rod to guarantee a dependable sweep through the barrel. The rod carries a 5 piece set up, letting you contrast the length according to your barrel span. The rod, the slotted tips are as well manufactured from the same premium quality brass.

This kit additionally has a weatherproof zippered pouch to always keep your gear in dirt free condition. The kit comes with a great mesh pocket designed for keeping solvent. Boosteady offers a strong and reliable cleaning kit.

BOOSTEADY Compact Shotgun Cleaning Kit  – Buy from Amazon

Real Avid Gun Boss Shotgun Cleaning Kit

The real avid gun boss shotgun cleaning kit is an outstanding cleaning kit that is also less expensive. This kit is a simple, no-frills kit with 12 and 20 gauge brushes as well as mops which are the commonest gauges of shotguns. This premium quality cleaning kit provides all you need for a fast, basic clean of your shotgun. The kits basically features 12 and 20 gauge bronze brushes for cleaning the bore, a slotted point and patches that helps in removing fouling and gauge mops.

The seven piece rod is somewhat bizarre. Rods have been recognized to effortlessly bend or break and that’s the key reason why a carbon fiber cleaning rod works best for lengths of above 30”.

Real Avid Gun Boss Shotgun Cleaning Kit for 12 and 20 gauge shotguns – Buy from Amazon

Sage and Braker Gun Cleaning Kit

For people with a great deal of experience with rifle cleaning systems this kit will seem very common to them. It comes with a lengthy lead rope with a little weight for feeding the barrel, and then a bronze brush as well as a cleaning mop, all in a single system. There is no need for cleaning rod using this kit, because it is all mounted on the same rope and the only thing required is pull it through the barrel.

With all sorts of things mounted on just one string this kit is without doubt convenient. However, your mop will get dirtier much faster, because you can’t run several passes of the bronze brush before making use of the mop. You will additionally be unable to run the mop through by itself to put on one last light coat of oil. Even though this kit is well suited and reasonably priced, its position is evidently in the field. For those on the lookout for a fast and simple kit while on the move, this kit is obviously the perfect option for them.

Sage and Braker Mercantile Gun Cleaning Brushes – Buy from Amazon

Beretta Basic Shotgun Cleaning Kit

The Beretta Shotgun Cleaning Kit comes with a variety of all the important tools and components that are required for cleaning a Beretta or some other shotgun. The kit comprises of a cleaning rod handle with rods, a wool mop with yellowish cotton patches, bronze brushes, lubrication oil, along with a utility nylon brush. This gear would thoroughly clean any shotgun.

The kit was designed by Beretta the same company that makes the Beretta shotguns. Hence, this is a very effective cleaning kit to trust to thoroughly clean a Beretta shotgun. Needless to say, for those who have some other models of shotgun besides a Beretta, they would as well benefit from using the Beretta Cleaning Kit provided it’s either a 12-gauge or 20-gauge. As a matter of fact, the cleaning kit can be used to clean several shotguns.

Beretta Basic Cleaning Kit – Buy from Amazon


Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The hoppe’s universal gun cleaning accessory kit from the reputable Hoppe’s brand is a magnificent all purpose, high quality gun cleaning kit. It is actually created for use on an assortment of weapons and barrels of various sizes. With nine aluminum brushes, you’ll always find one ideal for basically any sort of firearm.

This competitively priced kit features a universal cleaning rod that actually works on the majority of guns and firearms. It is additionally equipped with a phosphor bronze brush purposely manufactured for cleaning shotgun barrels.

Additionally it comes with a quality rifle bronze brush which makes it perfect for handguns. The kit features an adapter brass for rifles and all-purpose shotguns which makes it convenient to clean every corner of the firearm. It ought to be mentioned that this kit comes with tools only. Solvents and oils are sold independently.

Final Thoughts

If you really need a cleaning kit that is effective at both deep cleaning as well as field cleaning you will definitely need a kit containing a decent number of brushes, mops, picks tips and jags,. All the kits listed above are great options for cleaning your shotguns.

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